Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 things I'd Like to See in Heaven

Life and death coexist. Without one, the balance will be destroyed.

Morbidity or mere entropy, these are the things I'd like to see in heaven.


10. Cakes, pastries, and food bonanza

Photo Credits to Caketodays.com

Oh come on! Who does not want these? Well, of course, considering the fact that eating these won't add millimeters to your tummy or you don't have to worry that your six-pack abs would be devastated.

I really love food. And, of course, I love the fact you won't get fat since you're in heaven. I wish to see and eat foods I really don't know that they exist. And, if it's in heaven, it might have been really delicious!

9. Giant iPod

Photo Credits to mymac.com

I am really Apple-ish. Haha! Well, iPod just means full of music. It might be bands or artists who sing their hits. Non-stop partying in heaven. Non-stop singing and everything.

I quote my love, Petra Mahalimuyak, "Life is like a dancefloor and God is our DJ."

I wonder the how the music sounds? It is perfect. No flats. No sharps. Coool!

8. Superdupersoft-and-comfortable bed

 Photo Credits to cdn.freshome.com

I don't know what's more comfie with a water bed. But, sometimes I don't feel and/or like it. Oh well, I just want to enjoy what I enjoy here on earth - sleeping. Haha!

I am not really sure if sleeping exists on heaven. I mean, do we have to sleep in heaven? We won't die if we don't sleep. We won't lose our energies. I mean because we're already dead.

7. DSLR-Photo Frame

The thought is when you shoot, you can see this image in a giant photowall or everybody. I know there will be lots of amazing and breath-taking scenery and I hope to have the chance to capture them. I know they will be there since it is ethereal. But, I just want to have the opportunity.

6. Celebrities, Athletes and Other Personalities

I know. I know. There will not have the same status quo as we have here. But, I just want to talk to them or chat or get close to. It would not matter as it would here. But, I would like to know their experiences and maybe, whatever. I just really want to talk to them. Haha!

5. Cars, Yacht, Jet and everything

I imagine heaven as vast as universe. And, going places requires a lot of traveling. With that, I sincerely want to enjoy these luxuries. Of course, the experience is far better. No flat tires. No friction. No engine failures. I know carnot cycle will be 100% efficient, that is, if the mobile is using the same cycle. Oh, Otto will be jealous by then. Haha!

4. Magic stick, wand, broom, carpet or whatever

I wonder the experience if we will be having our own wands with its magic feature. I can move things. I can make things bigger or smaller. I can change shape. Levitation. Walk through walls. Invisibility. Everything.

It's cool though not idiosyncratic if all do have them. But, at least, we are equal.

3. Parents, Family and Relatives

Ow yeah! Who would not want their loved-ones to be there in heaven, too? Of course, assuming that I (or you) would be going there in the first place.


Of course, [earth] bloodline will not matter anymore in heaven 'cause we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord. (Oww Yessss!*) But, the bond we had here on earth is priceless. Haha!

2. Starbucks

Photo Credits to indiebon.blogspot.com

I admit. I overdose caffeine. I may have at least two cups a day. With that, I already have 6 stickers to go for my second planner. Isn't it cool? Haha!

I love coffee. And, I really enjoy drinking coffees over special occasions. Whether happy moments or even the crappy shits, I'd like to pour them out over my coffee whether hot, iced or espresso.

I just wonder how the store exists in heaven? Haha! Would it require stickers during the Holidays? Or would they have these planner? Cool.

1. Baby, sweetheart, honey, my love, so sweet

I guess, all of the above (except for 3) may mean nothing without the someone you want to spend your entire lifetime with and even after. Cakes and other delightful sweets are more enjoyable with someone you really treasure. Dancing and partying with the giant iPods are useless when you are doing it alone.

A superdupercomfie bed is just as plain as a normal bed without someone beside you. Whatev pictures might flash in the photowall is unimportant without someone as their foreground. Blah Blah Blah.

(I'd like to end this this way.)

* A sign or exclamation of something [said] that is unbelievable from the speaker.

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