Friday, November 25, 2011

A Concatenated Struggle

I am in a position wherein my time-bounded decision haunts me. The dreaded question of "What If" keeps me thinking of the Could-Have-Been's.

Think for a moment when you are to choose between now and later. When you choose the soonest possible time, and you only have one shot at things - things that may define you for the rest of your lives.

It was such a courageous and audacious decision to do things in a hurry like you believe time is bounded by time. With certain preparations, things might just be what as you wanted.

As the results of all your risks came and things did not go well, things began to pop and flashed back. All the things I did and I did not. All the places I went to and those I did not. All the things I learned and those I did not bother. All the people I talked to and those I ditched. All the things that matter and even those that did not, they all haunt me if I did not rush things and wait for another time.

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