Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Things about the ArchNemesis

Let's make things light. Not too tight. Less stress and pressure. Less rants and harangues.

So, I came up with this randomness.

These ten crazy stuffs about the nem are arranged in no chrono order. Give no meaning or interpretation, bro. It's just by the way things came into my peevish mind.

Let's get it on.

10. I am not a fan of oceans, seas or any bodies of salt-water. Yeah! It's sounds crazy that my background is a such. But, I am not really a fan of salt water. When I swim in this body, my eyes get red easily that I feel my eyes sore. I am also crept by foliaceous things underwater. So gross!

Photo Credits to windows2universe.org

9. I love procrastinating. If it were a job, I'd be a billionaire. Oh! Maybe, I'll be the wealthiest man on earth. Even when the day imposes me to be busy like a bee, I still find time to watch a movie, sit and listen to my iPod, stroll around the mall, chat with friends, sleep for hours and other insignificant things. I am just so into procrastinating. I think I am a pro.

8. I think I can read people by their aura alone. When I first saw someone, I have something like a hunch in my head on what he is like. About 95% of it becomes true. Part of that percentage is the girl in my first and second H. Yeah! It may be prejudging but I think it is a gift. I even predicted someone who is just gonna betray me. It's cool.

7. I do love books. But, I don't feel like reading them. Does that make any sense? I like going to these bookstores and browsing over the books - fiction, nonfiction, self-help, leisure, whatever. I buy some. But, most of what I buy go into the shelf. I read some for about 5% of all the books I have, which includes text books.

6. My fave color is blue. I feel calm and serene by the color. Most of the time, my fashion looks so blue. I could help but to laugh at my own definition of fashion. On the contrary, I don't feel purple, violet or some kind of hue. Though they are somewhat on the same shade, I feel different on the color. It signified death or similar emotion.

5. I actually believe that every person has his good side. And, that is a complete contradictory of why this blog commenced. I try not to dwell on my read (see item 8) on person because for all I know there are certain experiences that made them exude that aura. (But, giving consideration, the girl in first and second H might be my exception to this item.)

4. I love Italian cuisine. I love pizza. I love pasta. I also love Mexican foods. I actually love trying new cuisines such as Indian, Thai, etc. It's just that I don't like raw. Hehe!

 Photo Credits to pollsb.com

3.  My frustration is to walk on the runway. I wanted to be a model. But, I guess it is not my calling. I just though it would be possible when my friends exclaimed I was "sexy" when I walked that way - the model thingy. I actually can't do it because I have fright when people see me walk that way. I guess I was too intoxicated that time.

2. I do love bags and shoes. I have lots of bags in my closet. I can't even remember how many bags do I have. There was a time when I went to a store, I saw a bag. (I think that was a satchel.) I like that bag and I want to buy it. When I bought it and went home, I realized I had that bag. On the shoes, I don't love shoes compared to the bags. But, there was a time when I have to thank them especially when I had my somewhat near-death experience. I didn't know what we are going to do. We went mountain climbing and I was wearing my soccer shoes. At first, I tried to use my barefoot for the expedition but when I was about to fall, I decided to put the shoe on. Thanks to that!

1. I know this item is a bit gross or what. But, I hope this deserves to be in the spot. I get turned on when someone touched my head. By the word touch, I mean ginugulo-your-hair-while-circling-the-hand-around-your-head touch. It is like when your hairstylist puts some wax on your hair. When someone does that to me, I get hard.


  1. I wonder what your first impression was when you found my blog. Hehe.

    Reciprocating. :)

  2. Hi Archnem! same sentiments with Mugen :)

    I don't know why but you remind me of Ej aka Char Char...

  3. @Mugen, Impression? Haha! Lemme think. LOL

    @Jetlander, I tried googling Char Char. I found a super funny blog (full of design haha!). Well, it is nice I remind you of someone.

  4. Hi AN! Opposite personality no? Ikaw angst boy siya funny gayrl.

  5. No. I think I found a different blog. The one I found was full of pictures. What do you mean by "gayrl?"