Friday, October 21, 2011

My First H

I have this friend. Uhmmm. Not a friend actually. I just happen to know her.

And, I can't understand everything about her. I know. I actually know. But, I definitely don't like her. She gets into my nerves badly.

She is clumsy. Yes. And she is very irritating. She is very much annoying.

She thinks she is pretty. Well in fact, she is not. She is just good at pretending she is. That makes an additional thing to be annoyed.

She feels she is great. In reality, she is not. She can't be where she is right now without the help of others. She is a leech.

She is self-centered. She is definitely self-centered. When she thinks, she can get something from someone, she will befriend that someone until the favor has been given. She only thinks for herself.

One thing that deserves to be both italicized and in the normal font style is this.

I hate her.

In bloody red supposedly.

I mean it.

She is just so irritating that when I hear her, see her or whatever-senses her, my positive world becomes full of negativity. She has this aura that even the calmest people will reach the point of rupture.

I can't help but to make this my first harangue.

harangue (n.) - a lengthy and aggressive speech.

Aside from the noise I am hearing now (and I am actually near to be pissed off and reach my own point of rupture), she is definitely the closest thing that can make me reach the point of rupture.

I want to induce pain or anything that can make her change her ways.

I want to tremble her head such that her thoughts will be changed.

I want to do things. Many things.

But, I know that would not help.

Stooping is the last thing I would do for her. And, I know that makes her feel fine. I will let her do her ways as long as she will not cross the line.

But, when she does, I will make sure, she will face her own nemesis.

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