Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Advent of the Nemesis

I am everybody's nemesis.

Nemesis (n.) - the inescapable agent of something's downfall

I am your nemesis.

I am their nemesis.

I am my own nemesis.


  1. Hi ArchNemesis, I find your blogger name curious, Nemesis connotes contrabida, but with your posts, di pa naman complete ang iyong transformation into a contrabida... I sense struggle...

    hmmm ika nga nila "curiosity killed the cat"...

    maybe you're my sweet downfall hahahaha just joshing

    thank you for following ;)

  2. Haha! I'm not the villain type pa as of now. Hehe. I try to be tamed. JK!

    About being your sweetest downfall. Hmmm. Haha! I googled "joshing." LOL


  3. Hi ArchNem! It's good to know that you're villainous metamorphosis is not yet complete :)

  4. Haha! When it's done, I think I'll be ravenous to be the nemesis. Or I meant ravishing? Or both? LOL

  5. Scary dangerous thought. If that will happen, this blog is aptly named (even the subtitle fits)

    You'll be the sweetest downfall to those naive individuals who are ensnared with your ravishing looks but wicked/villainous character.


  6. I know. Haha! But, there are times I think I can't keep up with the thought. See item 5 on my current blog post. Haha! LOL