Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Second H

There she goes again.

Her relentless tongue attacks like no other.

She spoke as if she is so flawless.

Earlier, we had a talk with someone who is really of the higher position.

One question was about what did she learn for the past duration.

Her answer was EPIC!


Come on!

She had the guts to utter that word.

I want to ask her what did she do to say those lies.

Everybody knew she is not positive.

And, she is more like the opposite.

I can describe her as the negativity who decided to be a human being. (Nega na nagkatawang-tao in Filipino)

And, everything she said was such a lie. I barely know the things that are true. I even doubt if her name was correct.

I know she does not deserve my attention. She has not even equaled my credentials.


But, she deserves my harangue.


  1. Nega na nagkatawang-tao - HUWAW! I like the term so much.

  2. Hehe!

    Nakakaasar na kasi siya. I mean when the times you need to be down, be it. Pero, you have to get up and back to fighting. But, what she does is always on the ground seeking for everybody's help. Pathetic.

    Sorry for my rant, man.